Grampas Boxing Gym

Founder - Rene Rangel, Sr. (Rest in Peace)


Rangel, Rene Sr., 74, passed away in Westminster, CA on May 18, 2016. He left behind his wife of 48 years Jessie Rangel, son Rene Rangel Jr., daughter-in-law Maria Rangel, granddaughters Karla and Jessica Rangel, and great grandson Angel Orosco. Rene was very blessed to have so many family and friends who loved him. He was also blessed to have his life-long dream come true; The dream to open a boxing gym. In February of 2011, Rene along with the support of his family, opened Grampa's Boxing Gym in Westminster, CA. Rene does not only leave his family listed above, but his family at Grampas Boxing Gym, who we know he loved very much. Legends are forever remembered.